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For class times/schedules, please email us at kathyteecreek@gmail.com and include your name and the phone number you can be reached at, or call us at 905 384-2531

Tee Creek's Chilling Spell, showing one of her many "clicker-taught" tricks

What is Clicker Training?

Clicker training is a fun, fast, and effective way to teach your dog obedience, tricks and good behavior.

Professional animal trainers have used it since the 1940s. Today, it is becoming popular with dog lovers everywhere.

Clicker trainers include:

  • Pet dog Owners
  • Obedience and agility competitors
  • Service and Police dog Trainers
  • Working Dog Trainers
  • Trainers of animal ãactorsä for Movies and TV

In clicker training, a simple toy clicker is used as a marker for good behavior. The click noise is a signal that tells your dog that he got something right and has earned a reward, typically food treats.

More precise and consistent than praise, the clicker is a powerful tool to open a channel of communication with your dog.

People who have tried it know that a clicker-trained dog starts to love that ãclickä, and quickly begins to work hard to learn what you want.

Food and clickers are used to teach new behaviors or to improve behaviors. Once the dog has learned what you want, both can be phased out. Trainers will not have to click and treat for every ãSITä forever.

More and more pet owners and dog enthusiasts are enjoying clicker training, thankful that they have found a training method that works. This is a method where dog and trainer work together and are not pitted against each other.

It Works and It's Fun

With a few minutes of practice a day, youâll find your dog will learn more quickly than with any other training method.

The Benefits of Clicker Training:

  • Great for puppies, adults, and senior citizens
  • Works with any breed of dog
  • Is easy to learn and ãuser friendlyä
  • Quickly teaches a dog what the trainer expects
  • Is based on the scientific principals of Operant Conditioning
  • Creates trust and cooperation

Conventional training is based on ãcorrectionsä or punishment with a choker or prong collar. While it can be effective when the trainer is skilled, most people do not get the results they want. Conventional training can cross the line into abuse. Punishment can cause dogs to shut down or develop aggression or other problem behaviors.

Clicker Farm

Clicker Farm Class at Tee Creek

I offer a clicker farm training session where participants may practice clicker training on chickens and rabbits. The success with these animals carries over into the world of dog training. Many participants feel more comfortable training their own dogs after seeing the success of this method on non-domesticated animals.

To register for the next clicker farm, please email us.

Clicker Herding

Learn how to use the clicker when herding. Mark the critical moments to get the most out of your practice sessions. Click here for more information.

Need to improve your TIMING?

If you just need to improve your timing but don't need supervision you can rent the chickens.

To book time with the CHICKENS, please email us.