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For class times/schedules, please email us at and include your name and the phone number you can be reached at, or call us at 905 384-2531

Puppy Classes
It does not take long before the romance period of puppy ownership is tested. Let's learn how to keep the honeymoon going with our puppy.

There's so much to learn!

Beginning socialization and obedience training are important acts in the ownership of a new puppy. Training can begin at a very early age!

Puppy foundation exercises teach the pup everything it needs to know for adult life.
Puppy class starts with the very basic commands every dog should know, such as sit, stay, down and come. Information on common puppy problems such as crating, nipping and housebreaking are covered.

The purpose of this class is to develop a relationship with your new puppy. Young dogs should be socialized to different people, places, and other dogs. Early socialization is the key to preventing problems later on down the road. Our classes use non-harsh training methods and we use praise and rewards to train dogs. Puppy class should be fun for you and your new puppy so start early and reap the rewards!

Management, Management, Management
We cannot overstress the importance of management. Exercise, supervised play periods with children or other animals, safe confinement indoors and out, training basic obedience commands, self control, regular feeding schedule of a proper diet -- all these and more fall under the heading of proper puppy management. All of these issues should be addressed from the time you put your new pup in the car to bring it home (some of these, like appropriate penning and crates,should be considered before you go pick the pup up). You will be on your way to one of the most rewarding relationships in your life.

Beginning Obedience
Looking for a place to take that older dog who seems out of control? Let's learn how to have control without exercising our physical prowess over this marvelous animal we call our pet.

Yes, we do cover the sit, stay, down and come. However, there is so much more to this. You can show your dog how to do everything he needs and more without using your physical power.

As Bob Bailey says "You can be bigger, stronger or smarter; which one do you want to be?"

Competitive Obedience
What a great place to start to build a relationship! The challenge competition brings to the relationship between you and your dog is such a reward.

I love working with my dogs in obedience knowing there is a responsibility the dog has to take for his 50% of the exercises. Moreover, allowing my dog to work his space without trying to exercise my control over it allows the dog to be my full partner.

From Novice to Utility, the bond grows and challenges become easier. With a great foundation in heelwork and retrieving, we can do it all in short order.

Join us in our fun motivational classes where what we learn and the rewards we reap go way beyond the regular classes!

NEW Obedience Classes

Reliable Recalls
Who is chasing who? Learn how to get your dog to reliably come to you.

Retrieving Everything
Teach your dog to retrieve any and everything.

Self Control for Your Dog
Teach your dog how to relax.

Loose Leash Walking
Relaxed walking on a leash.

What is Your Dog Reading in Your Body Language? -
Learn what signals your dog is reading from you and how to communicate better with your canine partner.

For the next starting date for puppy classes or for information on Beginner or Competitive Obedience, please email us.

Note to Class Attendees:
You will need to bring a flat collar, 6 Ft leash, toys and lots of interesting treats.
Suggestions for treats: cut up dime size wieners, Cheerios with garlic powder sprinkled on them, Rollover (sausage shaped product) most pet stores carry it, cooked chicken/beef/turkey, cooked beef heart, cooked liver (use sparingly), cut up cheese or any other product your dog will eat.
You should have at least 5 different treats with you when you come to class.