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Dave Harris

Dave Harris' extensive background in animal husbandry began at an early age. Raised on the family farm he still calls home, he brings a unique perspective to the science of dog training. Graduating in 1975 from Centralia College as an Animal Health Technician, he worked as a Kennel Officer for the Humane Society while tending to the operations of the farm. For the past 10 years he has been employed with the Ministry of Natural Resources as a Rabies Research Technician.

Along with his wife Kathy Warner, Dave has trained several champions in Obedience, Agility and Flyball. Possessing an innate ability to understand animal behavior, he works diligently with each person and dog to find just the right training method for both. It is this talent that Dave willingly shares with each of his clients. He also sees to the general daily operations of both Kay Dee Farms and Tee Creek Training Center. In his spare time, you will find Dave training his own dog "Pint" in Flyball and Herding.